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 Bike Faster


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We sell bikes a little differently at Blue Sky Endurance.

The greatest athletes form close bonds with their bikes. With the perfect fit, your bike can feel like an extension of your body, unlocking greater comfort, efficiency, and faster times. At Blue Sky Endurance, we believe it’s important for us to help ensure you get the best fit first. Through our “fit-first” approach, we’ll help you find the most comfortable bike for your unique needs.

We provide road and triathlon bikes from top quality brands as well as personalized fitting and expert maintenance services, arming you with everything you need to knock down the miles at incredible speeds. We also offer a range of bike maintenance services to keep your bike performing like new!


Our Bikes


Blue Sky Endurance is proud to be Charleston’s premier dealer of triathlon and road bikes from the sport’s most recognizable brands - Cervélo and Felt. We also carry a variety of bike accessories to make sure you are both safe and comfortable on the road.  With every bike purchase, you will receive a free bike fit, 10% off bike accessories on the day of your purchase and general maintenance in the first 12 months after your purchase. 




We have a variety of Felt road bikes for rent. Whether getting into the sport, in town for the weekend, or looking for your next upgrade, try some of the best products to make sure they are perfect for you.

Aluminum Bikes - $40/day or $150/week

Carbon Bikes - $60/day or $250/week

Beach Cruisers - $25/day or $50/week

New for 2019!  Blue Sky's Bike to the Beach offering of beach cruiser rentals. Be one less car going to the beach.  Hop on a beach cruiser rental and bike to the beach instead!


Bike Services

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Bike Maintenance 


With all of the miles and energy you plan to invest in your bike, we understand the importance of ensuring the right fit and keeping your bike in prime condition for optimal performance.
We have skilled bike mechanics for all of your bike maintenance and fitting needs.

You train and take proper care of your body to maintain fitness and beat your personal records. Don’t let your bike limit your performance. Our expert mechanics will make your bike look, feel and perform like new using only the highest quality parts and tools from companies like Muc-Off, Shimano, SRAM, Continental, Park Tool, and more.


Standard Tune Up – $60.00

  • Inspection

  • Gear and brake adjustment

  • Lube of drivetrain and all accessible cables

  • Truing of wheels

  • Torque check all fasteners

  • Tire inflation

Deluxe Tune Up – $100.00

Standard Tune Up, plus:

  • Removal, cleaning, and greasing of headset and cranks

  • Drivetrain deep clean and re-lube

  • Wash and wax of frame, fork, and wheels

  • Bar tape installation


Bike Fitting $75

You, your body, your needs, and your training are unique. So why should your bike fit be any different? Why miss out on maximum comfort and speed? We get to know you and your needs, then we will measure you and your bike. As a result, we adjust the bike to fit YOU to maximize your comfort and put you in your optimal, unique position.


Deciding which saddle is right for you can be tricky without trying them out first. We’ll help narrow down saddle choices based on personal preferences, and even put your bike on our trainer so you can test ride each saddle in store prior to making a decision on which rental to choose for the week.  

Rent-to-own: You may apply your rental fee toward the purchase of any saddle we sell within 90-days of the rental.