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    Cheer Anyway

    Cheer Anyway

    The last week of our triathlon training programs, we host a mock triathlon for our athletes so they can practice putting all 3 sports together to get ready for their upcoming race.  Last year, as we were finishing up a mock triathlon for our She Tris training group, one of the ladies in the group came across the finish line and said, “Thank you for cheering for me!  No one ever cheers for me!”  Her statement caused me to pause and I didn’t know what to say right away.  She had shared that she had a rough year going through a divorce and was finally doing something for herself.  Then I thought maybe she never put herself in situations where people could cheer for her?  But could that be right?  Don’t we do things almost every day where you could use an “atta girl” or “go girl” to push onward?  That just shouldn’t be that a person never gets cheered on. 

    A few months later a friend that I met through Tri it for Life was taking on her first full Ironman distance race and shared with me that she was really perplexed by those who questioned her ability to do the distance and questioned why she was doing this race.  And again I thought, “Why? Why do we do this to each other?”

    Even this weekend while I was running the Charlie Post 15K race, there was a volunteer that I saw at 4 different points.  The race got really spread out and at some points I couldn’t see anyone in front of me or anyone behind me.  This woman just watched me run by all 4 times without saying a word.  I thought, why wouldn’t you cheer someone on?  Perhaps she didn’t feel like it?  Perhaps she thought I didn’t need it?  Oh, but I did.  The infamous Peggy Klimecki cheers carry me far every time she’s out there.  And Coach Chris Bailey, even though I’m not one of his runners, always cheers for me and yells, “Eyes up!” And he’s so right!  And it helps!  I so need those cheers.  We all do. 

    As we head into another Tri if for Life season, an incredible organization that is a big part of my “why”, it is filled with women that cheer non-stop for one another for 16 weeks and beyond.  I encourage everyone to cheer anyway – even if you don’t think she needs it, even if you don’t feel like it.  Make yourself do it.  Cheer anyway.  We all need it. 


    Look Back to Plan Ahead

    Look Back to Plan Ahead

    So much has happened this past year. In our Blue Sky newsletters we've covered a LOT of topics. A lot of great information is out there at your fingertips to make you a better athlete and I might add a better person.. well maybe. Topics covered include how to set goals, proper ways to train for the swim/bike/run, nutrition, recovery, and what to do in the off-season. In case you have missed any of the newsletters by say deleting them before reading them--totally by accident I know-- you can visit our website to review them all, simply click here for hours of happiness.
    As the new year approaches however, we don't want to spend our time looking in the rear view mirror at the year that has passed. It's time to start looking ahead. Our partner coach, Rick Kattouf, has some words of wisdom on:
    "Stretchin' the Comfort Zone"
    Ahhh, the New Year is upon us; always an exciting time for setting new goals. It is very easy to get stuck into a routine, glued to old habits (many of which need an overhaul) and feeling like a hamster on a wheel. Let’s make 2018 the year to try something(s) new. It’s time to stretch that comfort zone, embrace the new & uncomfortable, and go for it. Maybe you want to get to the gym and start strength training. Maybe you want to compete in a Duathlon (run-bike-run). Maybe you want to set that road bike aside and purchase a Triathlon bike, get comfortable in those aero bars and take your multisport training and racing to a new level. Whatever the ‘new’ is for you in 2018, let’s grab that lunch pail, roll up those sleeves, put on that hard hat and let’s get to work!
    What can you do? Try something new! There are several new races in the area, most notably the Swim/Run at the Blue Sky Endurance Fest on April 22nd. It will be a full day of challenging athletic competition, food, and fun. With no other event in the Lowcountry like it, Blue Sky Endurance Fest offers a unique and challenging combination of races.
    Race Format: Swim, run, repeat (optional). Swim a one-mile loop and directly follow it with a one mile off road running loop. Racers doing the Double Dip will repeat this format twice (Swim-Run-Swim-Run) for a total of 2 miles of swimming and two miles of running. Racers completing the Third Times a Charm will repeat this format three times (Swim-Run-Swim-Run-Swim-Run) for a total of three miles swimming and three miles running. How cool is that?!
    Time to take the plunge, not the polar plunge, this plunge involves no pucker factor. Try the local Swim//Run! Try a triathlon. Do a duathlon. Stretch your comfort zone! Sign up now!
    -- Coach Siobhan Maize

    Topo Ultrafly Customer Review

    Topo Ultrafly Customer Review

    Topo Ultrafly

    The Topo difference...lightweight, roomy to box, low drop, and Award Winner: Best Debut on Runner's World Magazine. Perfect for any runner looking for extra room.


    Read why athlete Sonja Randall loves her new Topo Ultryfly's!

    "FINALLY...Topo review:  When Blue Sky Endurance began carrying Topo's, I was dying to try them since they boast being a wide toebox shoe.  I have wide feet plus a bunion, so overlays or any type of structure, often aggravate me if not in the right "place" especially on long runs. Lately even my "wide sneakers" were giving me issues,  so I was definitely on the look out to try something new.  I went into the store for nutrition and Elliot casually asked if I had tried them, I said I had not but wanted to and 25 min later walked out with a pair of Ultrafly's! From the moment I put them on, my feet were happy. I have since put some mileage on them and I am in love with these shoes! Wide toe box, overlays do NOT irritate. They are very responsive as I go along and the cushioning is PLENTY for both long and short runs! These are absolutely my new running shoe of choice! I would highly recommend going to see my friends at Blue Sky and testing them out!! Thanks BSE!!"

    - Sonja Randall


    We agree Sonja, we love them too! 

    Do you have Normal Functioning Ankles?

    Do you have Normal Functioning Ankles?

    Do You have Normal Functioning Ankles


    Do you have shin splints with running? What about knee or hip pain? Lower back pain? Maybe all of them!

    It really should be no surprise, running is freaking complicated! If you really analysis running, you never have both feet on the ground at the same time, when that one foot is in contact with the ground its roughly for 250 milliseconds. In that period of time you need to have harmonious strength, flexibility and correct firing patterns. A 10km run can see upwards of 10,000 steps.

    It would make sense if you are a runner you want your feet to function like feet, your ankles to function like ankles and your hips to function like hips.

    First off all what do I mean by your ankle function like an ankle.

    Can your ankle access the normal ranges of motion it should have or does it move more like it’s in a ski boot.

    One of the first things I check on all my runners is do they have the necessary dorsiflexion in their ankles.  Because if they don’t they are going to end up compensating somewhere else.

    Just imagine trying to run in ski boots!

    Go ahead and give the above test a try to see if your ankles function like ankles. What you want to do is keep your heel flat on the ground the entire time. When you bring your knee to the wall make sure it goes directly over your second and third toe. Don’t try to cheat by having your foot collapse in or turning your shoulders. The furthest your can get your big toe from the wall without the heel lifting up is your score. I like to see runners at least 4” from the wall.

    Blog By: Dr. Wes 

    You may have Flexible Hamstrings, but can You Control Them?


    Can you Control your Hamstrings?

    Athletes spend a lot of time in order to try to make their hamstrings longer or more flexible. While this is a great thing to be working on, unfortunately this is only one piece of the puzzle.

    If you are performing any activity such as running or cycling where your hamstrings are going through a full range of shortening and lengthening actively then it is equally as important to learn how to control you hamstrings in a shortened and lengthened position.

    The drill above is just one example of what I use with my patients and athletes to help them strengthen their hamstrings in a shortened position. There are a number of regressions, progression and lateralization’s that can be used with each athlete based on their specific strengths and weaknesses.


    You will most likely get cramping in the back of the hamstrings or even in the bottom of the foot when attempting this. Cramping in this situation is what is going to be referred to as neurological confusion.

    Your hamstring doesn’t know how to function in this shortened position.

    Your nervous system gets all confused and sends impulses to the hamstrings, which then begin to cramp.