Thursday Rise N Run

Join us Thursday mornings at 5:30am for our Rise N Run Group Runs!

Run locations may vary so be sure to check our Meetup or Facebook Tri Club page for location changes.

We will still offer 3 and 5+ mile options and all paces are welcome!

The best place to park is either in front of the store, the parking garage at The Boulevard or the gravel parking lot behind GDC on Fairmont Avenue.

Why you might enjoy this run if:

  • You’re one of those runners who smartly doesn’t like to run alone in the dark

  • You’re addicted to the Low Country sunrises

  • You like to git r dun before the rest of the world wakes up

  • You will get out of bed and run if you know someone else will be there.

No one cares what you look like at 5:30am (don't worry, no mandatory group photos!) You won’t spend your day talking yourself out of your run!